Most people who have experienced the 80s will know the old movie the figure is lent from: the “Little Shop of Horrors”, a rather bizarre black comedy about the seductive power of a diabolic plant. More precisely, Audrey 2 is a quite manipulative talking flytrap from outer space, which feeds mainly on human blood, and which grows considerably during of the story, after being fed with several main characters.

I have loved the movie since I can remember and I have always dreamed of having my own Audrey 2 at home. During the Corona shutdown I had (like so many) much more time than ever expected and used it to put my little Audrey 2 project into action.

Since shopping was not possible as usual, I could only use the materials I had at home—an old flowerpot, a porcelain egg, plaster, modeling clay, paint, and various old ferns.

And here she is now, my little Audrey 2—in her genesis and her final form. The gallery as well as the complete (and much larger) work-in-progress documentation can be seen on my website. Also, if you are interested, you can find my previous DIY project—an octopus chandelier—here on Fashion Life.

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Audrey 2 in her new home

I started my Audrey 2 with an old porcelain egg, which I covered with plaster bandages and cut open again along the mouth line

Then the lips were shaped with modeling clay

The work on the interior of the mouth begins. First, the gum edge is formed with aluminum foil and then covered with plaster

Then the mouth’s inside structures are shaped with modeling clay

The red painting of the mouth follows

We continue with the outside of Audrey 2’s head: Here too, the head structures are carved and modeled with modeling clay—then coloring

Adapting the tongue to the palate—modeling and coloring

Gluing the two halves of Audrey 2’s head together and fixing the plant stem (made of wire core wrapped in plaster bandages)

Building the first leaves from paper, kitchen paper, wire and glue

Fixing the leaves around Audrey 2’s head

Fixing the plant stem in the flower pot (by pouring plaster in the pot). Modeling the stem structures with modeling clay

Adding aerial roots (wire and modeling clay), attaching artificial leaves

And of course, the tiny seedlings of the mean mother from outer space must not be missing

Gluing more leaves around Audrey 2’s head…

…and bigger leaves at the stem

Now just some leaves of artificial fern have to be added and Audrey 2 is finished!