To continue my project of creating papercraft animals that come half out of the wall, I’ve created a series of Koi fishes. Since most of the my walls are already full of papercraft animal trophies, the ceiling was the logical next step to fill.

I created two variations of my Kois. First version are textured and color-printed full-body Kois you can hang like a mobile installation. They “swim” peacefully in the air.

Second version are Kois made of colored paper that you can arrange around a lamp or just as a random fish swarm at the ceiling. I use 160g/m² paper and bookbinder glue to assemble my papercraft models. It takes around 3-4 hours to put together one fish.

More info: Etsy

Ceiling Kois

Closeup Yellow Fish

This Koi is made of hundreds of faces, precisely glued together

Close Up Brick Red Fish

Close Up White Fish

You can only see it’s tail – the head is stuck in the ceiling.

Close Up Orange Fish

This fish explores the depths of your attic too.

Mobile Kois

Peacefully floating in front of the blue sky.

Second Pair of Mobile Kois

Checking the Prototype