Dion Cole was running late to work when he saw a dog being thrown out of a truck and left behind on a road. The man couldn’t stop thinking about the dog and told his wife about it. They decided to come back and look for the pooch. The doggie was so terrified, it took them a few days to coax him to come near them. After the couple finally brought the pooch to their place, Cole’s wife wrote a message addressed to the man in the truck and posted it on Facebook. The message went viral…

She started: “To the dirtbag that threw his dog out in the Allegan forest on 48th street Friday at about 3:30pm. Let me tell you what your dog went through as you drove off.” In the emotional message, she describes how the loyal and loving dog chased after the truck for as much as he could until the pooch collapsed on the side of the road. She goes further telling how the doggie was having a really hard time trusting humans again and probably was scared for his life, because whenever the couple would approach the dog, he would run away.

Now the pooch is safe at their place, and waiting for his forever owners to show up. However, one question to the truck driver will never leave the kind lady’s heart: “How could you throw your dog out like a piece of trash?”…

(h/t: animalrescuesite)

A couple rescued a dog that was thrown out of a truck and left in the middle of the road

Image credits: Danielle Cole

But they didn’t stop there – they wrote a Facebook message to the dog’s owner, and it went viral!

Image credits: Danielle Cole 

Luckily, now the pooch is safe at their place, waiting for his forever owners to show up

Image credits: Doug Kerr

Image credits: DEWEGGIS

Image credits: Laurel L. Russwurm