One of my close friends and I have always hung out and are genuinely very close. But, they make these little "jokes" that are usually about me being fat, me being stupid, etc. Soon, they began bringing up my family members and even brought up my late great grandmother who they know I loved very much. I've told my friends that they're really hurting my feelings but they just tell me that 'they're just joking, quit being so sensitive'. But they are really hurting my feelings. So finally, I stopped hanging out with them, and everyone I know is saying I overreacted. AITA?


NTA. The people who say harmful things and then hide behond "It was a joke, you are too sensitive" are jerks. You can make a joke that hurts somebody without intending. But then when the other person tells you the normal reaction is to apologize. The people who recat like you said wanted to hurt you but dont want to deal with the consequences of you being angry.



NTA. Respect to you for walking away from a toxic 'friend'. Continue to set boundaries. Change can make people uncomfortable, especially when you expect better behavior from them. If you truly value the relationships of those saying you overreacted, perhaps explain once, and only once, that you do not tolerate insults to yourself and your family. The good ones will honor your boundaries, the rest will fade away. Good riddance. ... also maybe teach them the difference between a 'joke' and an insult. Best of luck!



Hecc no! They ATA in the situation!



NTA No one should let others disrespect them. it is ok to stand up for yourself, and it is rude of them to turn it around on you saying that you are too sensitive. I would never keep friends who treated me that way.



holy crap!! nta!?! i deeply encourage you to completely exile them for your life, that's a toxic friend!!



dont know wtf AITA means but no ur not wrong depending on the circumstances lol


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5 months ago

It means "Am I the a*****e?". It started with a reddit community with the same name where people posts their stories and see if they did right or not.


If they bring you down, you don’t need them. Life is too hard to have to focus your energy on people who don’t positively affect your life.

Long story short, f*** ‘em. You deserve better.



You're NTA. Friends shouldn't be hurting your feeling! You even said that the things they say really hurt your feelings, but they literally didn't care. I think, that you did the right thing when you stopped hanging out with them!


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NTA, You set the rules. When you said no, they should respect it.




These people "everyone I know is saying I overreacted" are not good for you either. Ask these people, can you joke about their dead family members and a body issue that they are insecure about? Ask them, can you make fun of their family issues and say..."Oh, I'm just joking, don't be so sensitive. Stop overreacting, I'm your friend. I'm just JoKiNg". watch how they react.

Jokes are supposed to make you laugh.
Did you laugh? No?
Well it's not a effing joke.

Someone telling you, that you are "too sensitive" they are telling you, they do not care about your feelings. They do not care about your Mental/Emotional Health. They do not care about your boundaries.



Definitely NTA! Your "friends" need to get their sh*t together and stop treating you that way, you don't deserve it at all! Just because they say its a joke does not mean that it's true, they are most likely using that as an excuse to bully you. Stand up for yourself! That kind of behaviour should never be tolerated!


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