What are some things you do to stop yourself from getting bored on long flights?


Read, adult coloring, games, movies,



Offline games, read books, listen to music, watch movies in my head that I have memorized, sleep



Looking at the flight map and improving my geography skills



Break up the time in weird but better-sounding increments. An eight-hour flight is still under 10 hours. It's 2 x 4 hours, and 4 hours are ok to pass. The first and last hour don't count because taking off / descending is entertaining (well, almost) and everything sub 1 hour is ok anyway. Cross out another hour for eating (including longingly staring at the trolleys, come on, serve me already!) So we're down to a much shorter time if I succeed in fooling myself :)


Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano
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10 hours ago

I do the same thing at school!!


I'd say look out the window however on every flight I've been on that had a window seat every one around me choose the ever popular sleep method.

If however you are on a more modern plane then you can look at the flight information/map screen. Once you get bored of that or if you don't have one you can sit in silence and contemplate the oddities of life.



Look out the window and relax.



Drawing, reading, writing. Basic stuff.



I usually just go for a little swim XXX



Sleep, read, watch a movie on phone, talk to my family


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