What is something you wish you had known before traveling outside of the country?


That people are mostly nice no matter where you go



That it would probably be my only opportunity to do so and for that reason I should’ve appreciated it more, paid more attention.



Although paying with credit cards is supposed to be better, it's hella hard trying to keep track of your spending when your still using funds from your home currency and remembering to convert. I called my bank concerned someone took money out of my account. Turns out I forgot I didn't take out $80 Cdn. I took out 80 GBP. Big head smack, there.
Next time I'm setting up a traveller's account. It may be easy for people without a learning disorder. Math dyslexia (dyscalculia) makes it a bee-otch to stay on track.

I wish I was more prepared for the long, loooong skywalks at the airport. I didn't think they'd ever end. As well as the high prices at the airports. I did hear it was more expensive, I didn't know how much more expensive. Some things were double or triple the price of what it would be elsewhere.






That their lifestyle is awesome and I wish I had learned at least a bit of their language in advance to communicate with those folks. I'm learning it now and I'll definitely go back.



Google translate only makes you look ridiculous- and wrong.
Do not do connections under 6 hours, way too stressful.



How good real gelato is in Italy

I would have brought double the food money just to be constantly eating it haha


Metediz Beachet
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2 days ago

Eee I’m super excited about that because I’m going to Italy next summer! Thanks for the submission

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