I just want to see what you guys put.


one time I tried to flush my sister down the toilet (I was 7 and she was 5)


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Why did I laugh so hard at this one.


That I’m a cishet girl. 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 bi/trans.



My dad has long scars running through his stomach from an operation as a teenager. He used to say I came from his belly instead of mom's, and I believed him up until I was 5.


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Okay this is embarrassing, I totally misread the title.

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My brother and I, ages 7 and 8, found mom’s brand-new pull along vacuum cleaner. It had long, shiny extension tubes that we proceeded to attack each other with for the entire 10 minutes mom was in the shower, then put them back in the closet. Days later we hear a blood curdling scream from mom…..the shiny chrome tubes were absolutely beaten to a pulp with like 1,000 dents and dings all over them. Our answer? “Amy (little sister, 5) must have done it!”



Not me, but my brother. When he was 6, my Mum could see that he had eaten all of his chocolate advent calendar and taped the windows back up with cellotape. When questioned about it, he blamed the cat....



When I was about five, I was playing outside and saw an empty planter that I fancied could work as a toilet. I retrieved toilet paper from the bathroom, went back outside and went pee, depositing my toilet paper and I’m sure I pretended to flush and wash my hands. Then, to cover my tracks in case that was not okay for me to have done, I went inside and promptly told my mom my little brother had done said deed. The shame!! (Of course, the evidence it wasn’t my brother was a little white wad, sitting in the bottom of that pot…)



That I would not spend all my money on candy.



Everything was my cousin's fault. We were inseparable, but whenever there was trouble she got



Everything was my cousin's fault. Whenever we got into it she was blamed. I was the good one 😉



I know this won’t be believed, but we were raised in a very strict religion. Thou shalt not lie. We did not lie.



“The devil made me do it” when I smacked the s**t out of my little sister. It only worked once even though I smacked her daily.



I'm cleaning!



I never crossed the road behind our house, because it was fairly busy.
That was the promise I had kept until being an adventurous child the sheer joy of flying down a steep hill sledding.
Our house was on a such a steep hill and what a magnificent hill it was.
I remained undiscovered until one fine, winter day I decided to go tobogganing.
Father was seldom home because he was usually away on business.
The snow was about a foot deep and after a few runs a nice packed runway had formed.
Each time I went a bit further, rejoicing inwardly.
Remember that road I mentioned?
This last time, on my spinning saucer of a toboggan, I made it far across the road into the field.
But not before I saw a metal wall of a front grill of the large transport semi truck bearing down on me, mere feet away, then field, then the figure of my father standing in the living room glass patio doors watching.
Gradually the toboggan stopped spinning as it slowed to a stop.
My father stood there, as I reluctantly trudged up the hill.
Let’s just say I never lied by omission or broke another promise again.


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That I never flushed anything down the toilet.
At our cottage frogs coming up the toilet was a fairly frequent occurrence.
When I was four I first discovered that when a frog was in the toilet and I flushed it circled the bowl. before it disappeared.
I found this greatly amusing and spent gleeful early mornings exploring what could go on a magical water ride down the toilet.
Anything that fit.
I flushed.
And flushed.
And flushed.
Finally my father came up to me, asking if I had flushed anything down the toilet.
Completely forgetting about my groggy friends and flushing adventures I said ‘no.’
Later, my father found me.
He was quite angry, saying tersely as he held up some random object I had flushed, ‘This. Does. Not. Hi. Down. The. Toilet.



Not the most important lie. But Once I found a ring at school and when I took it home to my mom asked me were I found it. For no readon at all i decided to lie out of fear soI told her I found it the sink or I told them that I found it at recess. One of them was a truth and one was a lie. To this day I don't remember which is which, but I do remember that the next morning I told one of my brothers...in the bathroom...next to one of those baby monitors where i actually found it. I was whispering but I must have been a bad whisperer because mom heard everything and had me throw away the ring. So yeah.


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