Share one of your luckiest moments, whether it was winning the lottery, or even escaping death! Be honest, have fun sharing!! :D


When I moved to my new neighborhood, I met a boy. He was nice but I was afraid to ask him over to play (8 yrs old.) Then my sister got invited to her new best friend's house and there he is, the older brother of the little girl my sister was friends with. We are best friends to this day.



When I decided to go visit my mom at her work. As I was talking to her this beautiful woman walked into her office. Me and that beautiful woman have been married for 6 years.



It makes me 🤮 just saying it, but I suppose it’s when my parents did boom-boom and conceived me…!😀



When my neighbor went to college, she gave me a bunch of books, including the Percy Jackson series. Two and a half years later, 50% of who I am is a HUGE fan of Rick Riordan :). I wouldn't be the same AMAZING (and very humble lol) person that I am today if my neighbor hadn't known how much I enjoyed books.



Idk about the luckiest of my life, but recently my friend and his family was over for dinner. While they were over, a tree fell on their house and crashed through the dining room ceiling, right where they would have been had they not been at my place.



Last year I survived a close encounter with a brown bear I said nope to death :]


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Probably the most luckiest I'm ever going to be not to mention I had my shoes on incorrectly cause I had a cast on my arm and fell too while trying to run when it turned around 😭


I had a horrible night at my old job. One of many, many times to come, unfortunately. Was straightening up a computer area after an especially slovenly customer. He/She had left their bag so I peeked in for identification. Nothing but over $100 cash. Told my supervisor, she told me to keep it because she would look the other way.


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