I love when I take the high road and it completely changes the behavior of the other person from nasty, derogatory, grumpy, frustrated, etc. to someone who is pleasant, happy, understanding, etc.

The first time I really took note that making sure my behavior was pleasant regardless of there's was when I was a college kid grabbing some fast food from a drive through. The woman working with me on my order had a very aggressive tone and was very dismissive toward me as I paid her, but after she came back to hand me the good with the same tone and dismissiveness, I told her something along the lines of "Thank you. I hope you have a good night."

She did a double take and looked me in the eye and said much more congenially, "Thank you. You too."

Sometimes it's really that simple. Do any other Pandas have an example of this sort of thing?


i moved into a house with my son. my backyard neighbors tried being friendly, but i wasn't having any of that. my previous neighbors soured me to the idea. a year later we get a dog, they get one too. our dogs became friends. we became friends. we even put a gate in between our yards so they can come and go from house to house. they're now one of my closest friends. dogs are wonderful in so many ways.


A girl
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3 days ago

My gsd loved my backyard neighbor's dog. To heck with a gate. She'd just launch over the fence to go play. Yes, our neighbors became our friends


This is kind of lame but, here goes. I was a nervous mess during the first 6 - 8 months of COVID. I need to have blood work done at least once a year to have a prescription refilled. It was time and the thought of going to a medical facility was the last thing I was comfortable doing. I called my Drs office and begged them to refill without the check up. Conversation went "I don't waaant to go to the office". Nurse, rather sharply "You don't have a choice". It kind of hung there for a second and she apologized for being short. I burst out laughing and said I was probably not the first adult whining bady she'd talked to over the last several months and told her we were good. She laughed, i laughed, we made the appointment. My day and her day both got better because we shared mutual understanding and a good laugh. I suspect many adult babies were a lot harder to deal with.


Julie Mouton
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4 days ago

It literally just takes something like laughing together for a person who gets a lot of just junky interactions to turn their day around. I've experienced it from both the customer and the support sides. Thank you for sharing!

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