“Mantis’Eyes” has been created to illustrate Brigand’s song Bogomoljka (Mantis).

From their second album Daleko je Vavilon (Babylon is Far Away) released on January 2017. “Mantis’Eyes” is inspired by both lyrics and dark sound of the song. 

 Lyrics translation below:

I want you only for myself

To put you in my own prison

I want you to drink your own piss and feces

And to laugh at your own jokes

You taught me

How to fall in love with the knife under my neck

How to hide my intestines under the tapestry

While the game-show starts on TV

In the eyes of the mantis,

Between skin and bones

In the eyes of the mantis,

Glands and veins are greater.

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Brigand – Bogomoljka (Mantis)