My name is Melissa Rachel Black, I’m an artist based in Portland/LA. I’ve been making art with gummi bears for the last 7 years and based on the reactions of passersby to my studio and shows, I think you might also get a huge kick out of them. You can see more on website or Flickr.

Humor, curiosity and childlike exploration play crucial roles in my work. I want viewers to feel welcome to experience it, invited, and appreciated. I don’t want them to feel shut out as if they are missing out on an inside joke. However, I also aim for depth and complexity, allowing the viewer to find deeper meaning beneath their first impression.

Children and adults alike connect with the simple joy of realizing my creations are made out of real gummy bears. This alone, the delight visible in their bodies when that spark ignites is worth the world to me. And should the viewer choose to explore deeper, they might find the connection to current struggles. For example, Gummy Obama is melted. America is in dire straits at the moment, and I think many of us feel deflated, melted, down in the current political atmosphere. I hope it may inspire people to take action.

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