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I Turn Trash Into Truly Sustainable Soy Candles
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Product Design, Recycling6 years ago

I Turn Trash Into Truly Sustainable Soy Candles

Hello! I’m Jess Snively, owner of Milton and Margie’s Soy Wax Candles. I make soy candles in reused containers, ranging from vintage mugs to tin cans, to reduce waste in landfills and to save energy.

For my mug candles, I search area thrift stores and garage sales, hand picking eclectic vintage and antique pieces. Mid-century modern mugs—think futuristic starburst patterns and bold ‘60s flowers—and ornate tea cups especially catch my attention. Due to the vast assortment of pieces I find, many of my candles are one of a kind.

I also transform everyday tin cans—the ones that diced tomatoes or black beans come in—into works of art even before they become candles. To give them a little more pizzazz, I paint them in eye-popping jewel-toned colors and add a metallic shimmer with silver- or gold-leaf polka dots. I’ve partnered with a local recycling center to source cans in addition to collecting them from friends and family members.

After the candles are done burning, a functional piece of home decor or glassware remains, making my candles completely sustainable, from start to finish.

More info:

Soy Candles in Reused Containers

Cinnamon Clove Soy Candle in a Vintage Mug

Soy Candles in Reused Cans

Instant Soy Candle

Holiday Cheer in Soy Candle Form


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