I always thought that long exposure photography was overdone to death and not even worth doing. That’s why I have never experimented with it much, but I still wanted to do a little research and make a collection of best long exposure photography examples.

I soon found out that I was wrong. This photography style may be overdone, but interesting photos are incredibly rare and hard to find (this could also be due to my lack of searching skills). So my advice to you (and even to myself) – don’t be turned off by the fact that everybody does it! Only a few long exposure photographers do it right.

Now, before you grab your camera and go out to take those beautiful images using long exposure, you may need some inspiration! So here are 30 Amazing Examples of Long Exposure Photography to get your creative juices flowing.

P.S.: When you come back, don’t forget to share your best photos in the comment section!

1. -U- , Sintra, Portugal

Image credits: ~PhilipMatthews

2. Blue Light Street

Image credits: in-a-h-u-r-r-y-

3. Running & Swinging with Fire

Image credits: alexkess

4. Teacups

Image credits: ericcastro

5. Chimney

Image credits: Michal Konopka

6. S-Bend

Image credits: fjny

7. Flame Wall

Image credits: DanDeChiaro

8. Fireworks

Image credits: ~Stormie-Heather

9. Star Trails

Image credits: bullitnuts

10, 11. Air Traffic Above San Francisco

Image credits: exxonvaldez

12. Fire and Water

Image credits: Michael Bosanko

13. La Ronde Amusement Park

Image credits: ~particle-fountain

14. Racing Car in the Night, Bologna, Italy

Image credits: Giovanni Gori

15. Energy: Film Long Exposure

Image credits: ~onesadlittleboy

16. Gondola In 60 Seconds, Venice

Image credits: flatworldsedge

17. My Son and I

Image credits: jasontheaker

18. Disney – A Ride On The TTA at Night

Image credits: Express Monorail

19. Hyperdriiiiiiiiive

Image credits: *discurrere

20. Does the Earth Rotate?

Image credits: p.folk

21. Freeway Flow

Image credits: Surrealize

22. Skatepark Light Painting

Image credits: Ben Matthews

23. Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Image credits: MumbleyJoe (Tyler)

24. AP7, Barcelona, Spain

Image credits: VoLGio

25. Chainsaw Clouds, Boone County Fair,Columbia Missouri

Image credits: Notley

26. Brussels By Night

Image credits: Ben Heine

27. Norwegian Road

Image credits: Kristian Pletten

28. Illuminations: Reflections of Earth Express

Image credits: Monorail

29. Love At First Light

Image credits: flatworldsedge

30. We left this spot for You!

We’d love to see your pictures too! Feel free to share your best long exposure shots in the comment section.