Parents are parents for life, no matter how old their children are. And, of course, who hasn’t heard the famous phrase “You’ll understand me once you have your own children”? But it is thought that with years it is getting easier for parents and their children to get along. However, there are still things that are hard to agree on no matter the age. And as we get older, the disagreements between parents and children could determine a broken relationship.

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It takes a lot for a parent to realize that their child is all grown up, but this mother sure takes her time

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One Reddit user, who is a mother to her already grown-up daughter, is asking whether she is being too sensitive about the idea of her daughter sleeping with her boyfriend when they come to visit her family.

And this mother is not the only one who is looking for answers in this situation. Believe it or not, but debates about whether parents should let their kids sleep with their boyfriend/girlfriend are quite frequent on Google.

This mother asked Reddit users if she’s wrong for imposing her “no boyfriend in bed” rule on her grown-up daughter

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What draws attention to this particular case is the reactions of other Reddit users. In almost 4.5 thousand comments people are discussing the boundaries parents and children should accept based on their own experience.

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What intensifies the discussion is some personal information that the woman shares with the audience: her daughter is a 25-year woman who already lives with her 26-year-old boyfriend. So what is all the fuss about you might think?

As the mother and her husband are certain that there should be no sleeping around before the marriage, they do not allow her daughter to sleep with her boyfriend when they come to visit the family.

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Her daughter, being a respectful human being, decided to comply with her parents’ wishes by not visiting them as often as they would want. This, of course, got her mother upset and lost as the only people who think that this is all right and her daughter is being simply rude is herself and her husband.

A lot of Reddit commentators agree that by flashing her “no sleeping before marriage” card, the mother is jeopardizing her relationship with her daughter.

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It seems that the main concern with which most of the parents face, especially those who raise daughters, is an unplanned pregnancy. But as the times change, the stigma of becoming a teen parent is also changing.

Instead of saying a brief and strict “no”, most of the parents are now looking for advice on how to talk to their children and how to prepare them for the next chapter of their lives. As we can see, open discussion on various platforms could be one of them.

The online group users were very supportive… of the daughter

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