I’ve spent years photographing horses across North America, but there has been one horse that always eluded me. The Icelandic horse. I had the special opportunity to visit Iceland this year and travel around the country in search of these majestic animals.

The first thing I noticed is that the horses are everywhere. It wasn’t a matter of me finding horses, but rather finding the horses in a great landscape. I know what you’re thinking… it’s Iceland, how hard can that be? But it was surprisingly hard as a lot of the horses are kept in pens, albeit large ones, but they are still fenced off. Even the “wild” horses are brought down from the mountains during the winter months and kept in pens where their food supply is secure.

After circling the entire island, driving over 2500 km and taking almost every bumpy windy dirt road and detour possible, I found my photographs, and the horses, living in their world of green.

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