Taking care of a dog is no easy feat, especially when it belongs to a stranger and it has very serious health problems. Imgur user Ladykryptonitex shared a story about how she rejected an offer to dogsit a dog named Junie, who has diabetes, because her owner was incredibly demanding… and the pay wasn’t stellar, either.

The owner had an entire list of demands, ranging from the fact that the dog sitter would have to spend 90% of their time with the doggo to the suggestion that the dog sitter would have to pay for any emergencies out of their own pocket. Oh, did I mention the cameras? Yup, the owner has cameras installed in her home to keep an eye on things.

Have a read through Ladykryptonitex and the dog owner’s full message chat below and let us know what you think of the entire situation in the comments. Would you have refused the work offer for just 110 dollars for the entire week? Do you think the owner is far too demanding? Share your thoughts with all the other Pandas!

Meanwhile, scroll down for Fashion Life’s interview about dog health and fitness with the PDSA, the UK’s leading vet charity. While we can’t be 100% certain why some dogs develop diabetes while others don’t, genetics and being overweight both play a role in increasing your pet’s risk of getting the disease.

A part-time dog sitter shared a message exchange between them and a very demanding dog owner

Image credits: SmokeAbeer (not the actual photo)

The cheap dog owner wanted the very best care for her pooch, however, she wasn’t prepared to pay much for it

The dog owner became passive-aggressive when the sitter rejected her

The Imgurian’s post got over 97.8k views and over 2.3k upvotes. Most of the commenters agreed that the dog owner was completely out of line: she was far too demanding for the price tag that she set. Don’t get us wrong, diabetic dogs definitely need to get the love, care, and attention that they need. However, this care doesn’t come cheap. And if you want the best for your pet, you need to be willing to pay for the best.

According to Vetsulin, diabetes occurs in dogs when their bodies make too little insulin, stop making it altogether, or have an abnormal response to insulin. Glucose builds up in the bloodstream, instead of entering cells, and leads to hyperglycemia. As a result, the dog’s body has less energy to function than normal and leads to weight loss, a ravenous appetite, urination far more often, and increased thirst. Diabetes affects roughly 1 in 300 dogs. It’s more common among older pets.

PDSA Vet Anna Ewers Clark enlightened Fashion Life about keeping our best pals healthy, specifically, with regards to dog diet and fitness. She told Fashion Life that diet and exercise are “both really important” when it comes to keeping our canine buddies healthy.

“It’s essential to get the right balance between the two to help keep your dog at the ideal weight and shape. As a general rule if your dog eats less they will lose weight and if they exercise more they will burn fat and gain muscle—just like people! There are also lots of other benefits of an ideal diet and the right exercise routine, for example, improving your dog’s heart health and reducing the risk of certain medical problems,” she said.

According to PSDA Vet Anna, your dog will need daily exercise to be a healthy and happy pooch. “This includes their walks and also games like fetch or playing with toys. You might want to consider getting fit together by going running or taking up a dog sport such as agility—just remember to start out slowly so you can both build up your stamina,” she explained to Fashion Life.

Meanwhile, you can’t forget about a proper diet. “In terms of food, we recommend feeding the right amount of a high-quality complete, manufactured diet suitable for your dog’s breed, size, health, and lifestyle. There are plenty of these available and they come in lots of different forms—just check the packaging so you know they’re complete, meaning they contain all the nutrients your dog needs,” Anna said.

“The number of calories (or amount of food) your dog needs each day will depend on their daily exercise routines—as a general rule, the more active your dog is, the more calories they will burn each day so the more food they will need. This means if your dog starts doing less exercise, you’ll need to cut down their food,” the vet noted about the importance of keeping everything balanced for the sake of your pet’s long-term health.

Here’s how some internet users react to the entire story. Most were on the dog sitter’s side

People thought it was entirely unfair to make the sitter shoulder so much responsibility for so little pay