When I was little my grandma told me that failures come as lead shoes or bicycles. I think she meant that when things don’t work out, it can hold you back or it can spur you on to greater things. As an adult I now understand, but as a child, it made no sense. I watched my 8-year-old son scribbling away so confident that the letters he was writing would be answered. “I am getting Movie Stars to send me photos, then I can auction them off and make lots of money to help people with cancer”. I smiled, but in my throat, I felt that uncomfortable knot that you get when you know your child is setting themselves up for a big disappointment.

He wrote a lot of letters and watched the mailbox for weeks, but as I feared no one replied. Then something fabulous happened. Jack decided that if he could get movie stars then he could just BE those movie stars instead. So it started, our team effort to re-imagine over 100 movies. In our tiny bathroom with props made from cardboard and old dressups, we work on a different scene every day.

Jack studies the expressions and the poses and I work on the make-up and costumes to get the shot as close as we can to the original. Then we put them on our Facebook Page “Jacks Big Cut” We have raised over $5000 in donations by taking our setbacks and forging it into a glorious bicycle of fun and invention. My gran would be proud.

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Mrs. Doubtfire



Toy Story


Pirates Of The Caribbean

Home Alone



Thelma and Louise