Small children are very impressionable and not only can real people be their role models, but fictional characters can as well. Most of us had someone we looked up to from cartoons or movies and maybe we were a little bit obsessed with them, wanting figurines, stickers, and clothes with them on.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s 3-year-old daughter is no exception and the character she loves the most is Aquaman. Knowing that, The Rock made the call and on his daughter’s birthday, the actor playing Aquaman, Jason Momoa, surprised the little girl with a video dedicated personally to her.

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Dwyane Johnson’s daughter is obsessed with Aquaman, so the dad pulled some strings and little Tia got a video from her hero wishing her a happy birthday

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Johnson’s youngest daughter, Tiana, just turned 3 on April 17. The Rock posted a photo of the two of them and wished a happy birthday to her little girl in the caption. He didn’t lack sweet words for his child: “Loving, kind, tenacious and tough (like your mama); and my greatest joy is being your daddy. I always, ‘got you.'”

Then the dad revealed that her daughter really likes Aquaman. “Now that she’s finally starting to understand that daddy is Maui from MOANA, she has one very important question—’Daddy, do you know AquaMan?'”

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Tiana even admitted that Aquaman is cooler than her dad, but The Rock didn’t take offense and just laughed it off


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The same day, Dwayne Johnson posted a video of him and her daughter watching a scene from the movie in which Jason Momoa played the superhero Aquaman. In this video, you can really see how much his daughter Tiana is obsessed with the character.

The Rock asks an innocent question if Aquaman is cool, but then he goes into dangerous territory and wants to know if he is cooler than daddy. The little girl doesn’t even wait for him to finish the question and she already has the answer that Aquaman is cooler.

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She is a huge fan and even ate her birthday breakfast with her Aquaman figurine by her side. Tia wanted her dad to draw Aquaman for her, because the girl wanted to frame it and hang it in her room. The Rock didn’t appreciate that and joked in the caption, “Black Adam’s gonna hand out a fresh Aqua A** Whuppin’ if this disrespect keeps up.”

But in reality, the parents don’t mind their daughter’s love for the character. Tia’s mom, Lauren Hashian, said on her Instagram, “For the last 7+ months Tia and Jazzy have watched Aquaman every single day. Some families sit down for dinner and watch TV…We sit down for dinner and watch Aquaman 🌊💪🏽Thats right!”

And she even got an Aquaman-themed birthday and cake.

Tia got the best birthday present and a promise from Aquaman that they would spend time together


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However, the best part was yet to come. Dwayne Johnson made the call and got Jason Momoa to make a special video for the birthday girl. In that video, Momoa told Tiana that he’s sorry for not being there with her, but promised that the families will definitely meet and go climbing and surfing together.

Tiana was jumping for joy; after all, Aquaman wished her a happy birthday. Dwayne Johnson really appreciated that Jason Momoa made his little girl’s 3rd birthday the best ever. “I can’t thank my brother @prideofgypsies enough for making this adoring 3yr old’s birthday the best EVER. Her reaction is priceless and what it’s all about.”

Jason Momoa and others wished Tiana a happy birthday in the comments and were touched by the wholesome video