We had a dream of creating an otherworldly night lamp that would look like something straight out of a fairy tale. We wanted people to start asking: “did you find this in nature, just lying around?” We wanted them to wonder if crystals really DO grow on trees.

Well, they do not. We just gathered some fallen timber from our forest in Northern Europe, got some stabilized moss which remains soft forever, and added some huge quartz crystals. And then… voila! The fantasy that was in our heads became a reality.

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The perfect green log

Ah, the perfect landscape

That crystal close-up…

That birch tree is as real as it gets

We love matching outfits

We love all the perfect imperfections. Look at this wood—is this a tooth?

It almost looks like it requires water!

This pink mossy lamp in a kids room looks so cute!

This one immediately soften up the cold interior

The whole family!