It can be quite challenging to work where I work at times, and my colleagues don’t necessarily make it that much better.

Here is some photographic proof of the struggles I face while at work.

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Working at a cat shelter means that most of my co-workers are attention whores

Who keeps interrupting me for attention and sometimes even physically keep me from doing my job

There’s a few divas here as well. I was trying to take a profile picture of her, but she insisted that her selfies would be much better

They also constantly mock me by sticking out their tongue at me

Just look at this!

Even the young ones!

Some of them can be quite nice and easy to get along with

…but then something happens…

…and they turn into assholes instead

I catch quite a lot of them sleeping on the job

I like to mess with them when they do

At times they just won’t get off my back

I make some friends, but at times it has to be by force

Many have a tendency to stare

Others like to use the equipment however they see fit

This guy in particular is always making faces at me

Look at this doucebag

I still love him, though!

I often find them hiding from all the work

They even run off for a cat nap together on the regular, sleeping with (or on top of) each other

This dude is all thumbs and a no-good worker

They mostly goof around all day

But they can be quite sweet though!

And they are waiting for their forever home at Foreningen for Omplassering av Dyr at Klemetsrud, near Oslo. They would also love a visit or two!